This blog is part of a new online anthropology course at the University of Tulsa, titled….

Greenwood Resilience: The Archaeology of Black Heritage in Oklahoma

This blog serves as a forum for the course, featuring student work and a description of the course for a wider audience to engage with the topics discussed. The aim of this course is to not only help students understand what sparked the birth of the Historic Greenwood District and the hate that surrounded this community but to go beyond the Tulsa Race Massacre to explore the roles that Black people played in making Oklahoma history. Through this blog the students will explore and trace the stories of Black families in Oklahoma from removal and displacement to the establishment of Black colleges, towns, and one of the most prosperous communities in the world- Tulsa’s Black Wall Street. By centering the role that race played in Oklahoma’s shifting landscape and the lasting impact of the Tulsa Race Massacre 100 years later this blog will highlight the ways in which students traverse Oklahoma’s unique history from the perspective of the Black men, women and children who lived during these times and the objects they left behind.